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Hormone Replacement

Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement

As people get older, their hormone levels can drop. This causes a number of changes throughout the body, and many people aren't happy about those changes. There are hormone replacement therapies that can be done to raise some of those levels. For men, getting testosterone replacement therapy can be a great way to get more energy, more stamina, and to have a stronger libido. It can make it easier to get through workouts and help you with your sexual issues. Each patient who gets hormone replacement therapy is supervised by a board-certified physician. Getting women's BHRT, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, can help them to achieve many of the same benefits as men undergoing testosterone therapy. There is also growth hormone therapy to help replenish the body's amount of this important hormone. It affects the skin as well as the central nervous system for a number of benefits.

For some clients, it's sexual dysfunction that brings them into Fit Life. Sexual dysfunction treatments can assist both men and women with their sexual problems. In women, this is called female dysfunction syndrome. In men, it's also called erectile dysfunction. In both cases, this can be a frustrating condition to live with, and it can be embarrassing. Many men over 40 and women past menopause suffer from these sensual dysfunction problems. If you have one of these conditions, we have a range of sexual dysfunction treatments that can help. Many people benefit from prescription medication. Others may need to try a series of sessions with low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy. This has helped many men to have a sufficient erection again. If you are ready to try something to treat your sexual problem, give us a call for one of these medical services.