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What you put in your body controls how your organism will function at the cellular level. The more optimal the cellular function, the better your organism functions and subsequently, the better your overall health. In order to optimize your cellular function, your body requires multiple vitamins and minerals, most of which are not produced in the body and require you to ingest them in your daily diet. 


Unfortunately, oral ingestion is limited and dependent on a proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables and even when done right, absorption of these key nutrients is greatly reduced through the digestive process unlike IV Therapy which is able to deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to your bloodstream guaranteeing 100% absorption and bioavailability leading to:

    ·Improved Metabolism

    ·Improved Immune System

    ·Enhanced Muscle Recovery

    ·Improved Energy and Stamina

    ·Improved Skin and Joint Health


Our IV treatments are specially formulated to meet your nutritional needs and enhance your body's physiology without compromising your health.  Our highly trained staff will guide you and make their recommendations based on your specific goals. 

Fit-life MD IV Therapy Cocktails Sunny D
The Sunny D'Light

Dont wait to get sick! Take your immune system to the next level with this IV therapy full of vitamins & minerals specially designed to naturally boost your immune system to fight off common infections like the cold and flu.

  • Helps boost immunity

  • Protects against colds and flu

  • Helps heal wounds and builds tissue strength

  • Helps increase energy

Fit-life MD IV Therapy Cocktails Bees kn
The Bee's Knees

Don't let those aching joints limit your activity or ruin your day.  Stop or reduce those joint pains by decreasing inflammation and improving joint health with our specially crafted IV therapy which was specifically designed to help relieve those aches and pains.

  • Helps to reduce inflammation

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Antihistamine effects

  • Supports the cardiovascular system

  • Helps with Vitamin C absorption

Fit-life MD IV Therapy Cocktails Forever
Forever Young

While we can't stop the aging process, we can certainly do our best to slow or reduce the signs of aging.  Our specially formulated IV therapy is full of key  IV vitamins and minerals that will help you:

  • Boost collagen production and healing

  • Reverse signs of sun damage

  • Refresh tired and dull skin

  • Assists in stress reduction and enhances mood while delivering nutrients that promote healthy skin, nails, hair, and teeth

Fit-life MD IV Therapy Cocktails Bodybui
The Bodybuilder

Your nutrition or lack there of may be the reason why you have stopped seeing progress in the gym. The key to building muscle and losing fat is proper nutrition and supplementation and with our specially prepared Athlete Cocktail with 15 essential amino Acids, vitamins and minerals, you will be able to take your fitness goals to a different level. 

  • Helps muscle recovery

  • Enhances your metabolism

  • Helps build muscle and lose fat

  • Helps increase energy and stamina

Fit-life MD IV Therapy Cocktails Bodybui
The Bodybuilder Xtreme

How your train and what your goals are determine what your body needs.  With that in mind, our specially designed IV therapy, the "Bodybuilder Extreme" has a massive 22 key essential Amino Acids,  IV vitamins and minerals that will allow you to train harder and longer.

  • Helps muscle recovery

  • Enhances your metabolism

  • Helps build muscle and lose fat

  • Helps increase energy and stamina

  • Increases endurance and decreases muscle fatigue

Fit-life MD IV Therapy Cocktails Morning
The Morning After

Help your body recover quicker from that late night out drinking or long day of barbequing.  Our IV therapy "Hangover Cocktail" will get you back up and ready to tackle the day. 

  • Simple and immediate hydration

  • Replenishes minerals and soothes your senses

  • Detoxify cells

  • Recovery in 45 minutes




  • Helps prevent anemia by regenerating red blood cells

  • Increases energy

  • Protects brain from shrinking with age

  • Slows macular degeneration

  • Promotes growth and increase in appetite

  • Improves concentration, memory and balance

  • Strengthens bones and aids in prevention of osteoporosis

  • Relieves irritability

  • Aids in alleviating depression



  • Fights free radicals and slows aging process

  • Boosts and maintains a healthy immune system

  • Natural chelator that removes heavy metals and toxins

  • Aids in preventing heart disease

  • Limits neurodegeneration

  • Detoxes organs, including the brain and liver

  • Naturally lightens skin complexion improving the appearance of age spots, sun damage and dark spots.

Alpha Lipoic Acid


  • Called the universal antioxidant

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Protects against cataract formation

  • Reduces brain damage after stroke

  • Improves diabetic neuropathy

  • Aids in prevention of bone loss

  • Reduces frequency and intensity of migraines

  • Improves skin complexion and texture

  • Removes toxic metals from the body