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Liposuction Near Me

We Offer Liposuction Near Me

If you are unhappy with the fat on your body, there are ways that you can tackle it for a more svelte form. Liposuction is a surgical treatment that is minimally invasive. It is a way to remove specific areas that have extra fat deposits for better contours and better proportions. We perform Smart-Lipo, a type of liposuction that is assisted by a laser. This type of liposuction near me uses a special mixture that includes epinephrine and lidocaine to minimize any bleeding or pain. The fat is suctioned out as well as liquefied with the laser to make the surgery more efficient. It is a far better way of providing liposuction near me than the old way that could be highly invasive. It also allows for better skin tightening for even better results. If you have extra fat stores that you want to get rid of, you can consult with us about our liposuction procedure.

At Fit Life, we also offer internal medicine services. We pride ourselves on being available to our patients anytime, no matter what the day or time. Our board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Francisco Cardona, MD, is available for concierge medicine services so that you don't have to wait a long time to see a doctor. You can get your annual physical, including your labs, chronic medical problem management, pre-op visits, preventive care, and more. You can also get nutrition counseling and weight loss management to get healthier. Fit Life offers visits that are in the office as well as virtual visits. With our concierge medical services, you can call, email or text your doctor at any time. The office hours are flexible, and the fee structure is simple. We also have short waiting times and can help you to have an easier time getting to see the internal medicine doctor.