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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Have you been feeling like you are running on an empty tank?  Have you felt low on energy? Have your workouts not been like they used to or have you stopped seeing the gains that you were once having?  Have you heard about low testosterone and wondered if you have it?  

Come into Fit-Life MD and find out what you need to know about testosterone, what symptoms are associated with low testosterone and most importantly, if you could have low testosterone.

Onsite and Take-home treatment options
Ask one of our friendly staff members for more information to determine which treatment option better suits your needs

Unlike many Hormone Replacement Clinics, Fit-Life MD is 100% Physician managed.  Your care will be under the supervision of an ABIM Board-Certified Physician, who will customize an individualized Testosterone replacement therapy specifically made to meet your individual goals all while adhering to clinical guidelines set forth by the American College of Endocrinology.  

We use only 503b certified pharmacies which ensures that our patients receive the best treatment possible to meet their goals.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone:
  1. Feel tired, especially at the end of the day

  2. Decreased exercise endurance

  3. Have little or no interest in sex (also called “low libido”)

  4. Decreased erections or absence of morning erections

  5. Feel sad, down, or depressed 

  6. Mood irritability

Fit-Life MD Testosterone Replacement The
Other Symptoms of Low Testosterone:
  1. Weight gain

  2. Loss of muscle or difficulty gaining muscle

  3. Bone thinning

  4. Loss of facial or body hair

  5. Growing breasts (also called “gynecomastia”)

  6. Low sperm count or infertility

  7. Low Bone Mineral density

How do I Get Started?
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Fit-Life MD Testosterone Replacement Therapy
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Step 1

Book an appointment or just show up during normal business hours

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Step 2

Get your blood work done in our facilities and schedule your appointment with our ABIM Board-Certified Physician

Step 3

Meet with the Physician to review your results. The physician will then determine whether you are a candidate for therapy and design a unique and personalized treatment plan specific for your needs

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Step 4

Select between on-site or at home treatment plans and  begin the journey to a new you

The Benefits of testosterone therapy


Increases in libido and Strength of Erections: In men treated with testosterone, normalization of the serum testosterone concentration typically results in a marked improvement in these symptoms.

Improve Memory

After heart, testosterone impacts brain the most. Improved concentration and memory were some effects shown by a number of studies with as many as 50-80% displaying an improvement in memory. Additionally, treatment with testosterone has shown benefits in symptoms of depression by improving mood and overall sense of well-being.

In addition to those benefits, Testosterone Replacement therapy has been shown to have numerous additional positive effects in the body including improvement in cardiovascular function, bone density, improved sleep, improved mental awareness and focus. 

Fit Body

Increase muscle strength and Decreased fat mass:  Testosterone replacement also leads to substantial improvements in muscle strength and fat-free mass in suffering from Low Testosterone​


Testosterone makes your more energetic by increasing production of Red blood cell (RBC) whose role is to carry oxygen from lung to the other part of the body which leads to improvement in fatigue and increase in stamina and endurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Testosterone Replacement Therapy